Smart LED light Strips

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Smart LED light Strips

-would you like to upgrade your room? upgrade your room with this LED strip light that can be controlled by your Apple phone, android phone and alexa with more than 16 million color!!! Plus, the strip lights are water proof!


1- the strip lights are controllable by a phone application called 'smart light' 

2- the strip light are 5m long

3- the strip lights have a plug to connect with electricity

4- the strip light can be adjusted anywhere

5- the strip light brightness can be controlled

6- the strip light is water proof

7- the strip light is music sync, which allows the lights to move with the music playing giving the room an amazing and exciting atmosphere.

8- you can set a Timmer for the strip lights using the app to turn it on and off automatically

Here are some photos of the strip lights:


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