iTop coffee machine (without grinder)

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iTop Coffee Machine

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Product Features:
1. Patented heating system, namely thermal boiler.
2. Imported shock-absorbing pump, patented shock-absorbing design.
3. Aluminum alloy 58mm handle, professional brewing design.
4. Humanized design, top cover warm cup function.
5. Mobile 1.7L water tank design.
6. Dry continuous steam, making milk froth easier.

iTOP semi-automatic espresso machine for home -- iTOP Coffee

iTOP 3605 espresso coffee machine technology -- iTOP Coffee


iTOP 3605 coffee machine for home brewing head -- ITOP Coffee

iTOP 3605 semi-automatic Coffee machine for home temperature-- iTOP Coffee


iTOP 3605 home eapresso machine detail_1 -- iTOP CoffeeiTOP 3605 espresso machine for office water tank -- iTOP Coffee

iTOP 3605 espresso coffee machine cup warmmer -- iTOP Coffee